It is my great pleasure to welcome you to UNKEA’s Website as the public will be much informed about our operations. The Universal Network for Knowledge & Empowerment Agency formerly Upper Nile Kalaazar Eradication Association, as a national NGO in South Sudan, has steadily been carrying out its major missions to provide basic services and eradication of Kalaazar and poverty to local communities in South Sudan since its inception in 2002. At UNKEA we maximize the utilization of resources and personnel while leveraging local and international networks to sustain our community interventions while ensuring organizational growth. We look forward to receiving your comments and any questions in regard to our operations.
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Universal Network for Knowledge & Empowerment Agency (UNKEA) is a national organization operating in South Sudan. UNKEA was founded in 2002 by a group of concerned men and women of Upper Nile State, to respond to the dire social, economic, livelihoods and health conditions experienced by the South Sudan citizenry. UNKEA’s initial purpose was to design strategies and interventions to fight the deadly Kalaazar disease which is highly prevalent in Upper Nile. With time, UNKEA’s mandate has expanded to include other interventions such as provision of basic services such as primary health care, nutrition, food security and livelihoods, water and sanitation, education; social development of youth and women; economic development, Access to Justice and peace building.”UNKEA shall promote an environment where all members of society feel safe and valued, and foster a culture that values difference and diversity”



A God fearing, healthy, well educated and economically advanced society enjoying a sustainable high standard of living in a secure environment



To facilitate the improvement of the status of livelihoods in South Sudan through the creation relevant and sustainable community initiatives in participatory and interactive processes



To help bring forth a peaceful and self-sustaining society in social–economic development.



UKEA’s community engagement is guided by the following principles anchored across four key values which drive our initiatives

1. PASSION: This will be demonstrated through UNKEA’s fidelity to original Vision, Mission and the ideals of the founders

2. EXCELLENCE: We will go for excellence in the design of our interventions, identification and interpretation of beneficiaries’ needs and assets together with the project implementation and overall community interactions.

3. PARTNERSHIP: will work with members of local communities, government agencies, donors and other stakeholders to create effective and lasting partnerships for beneficiary ownership of the intervention processes and for sustainability of project results.

4. SUSTAINABILITY: will endeavor to keep to the synergistic intervention model of livelihoods, education, environmental conservation, collaboration and sustainability to deliver long lasting, efficient, effective and replicable community initiatives to address the root causes of community challenges.

5. ACCOUNTABILITY: will endevour to maintain accountability in the management of funds and resources. This entails making such infomation available to doners, patners and all concerned parties.



1. To improve and provide primary health care services to the rural children, women and communities to reduce the incidences and impact of such diseases as, HIV/AIDS, Kalaazar and Malaria in South Sudan.

2. To Provide informal, formal education and vocational training to rural and urban communities

3. To enhance communities participation in democratic and constitutionalism processes to increase their awareness and enjoyment of civil liberties and in the promotion of peaceful and harmonious co-existence of communities through the design and implementation of community dialogue initiatives in South Sudan

4. To initiate and sustain fruitful partnerships with Government, Civil Society Organization, Donors, Grassroots organization and local communities in the realization of our goals

5. To improve and facilitate the improvement of livelihoods through enhancement to access to clean drinking water, modernization and expansion of agricultural initiatives and environmental conservation



UNKEA Organizational Structure



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